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The present life style has changed the life’s of teens, it is daily news of children getting involved in criminal activity, drug abuse, alcoholism, chain smoking, hookah parlours, pub culture, rave parties, prostitution, illegal affairs, betting, gambling, prone websites .

God forbids we hope and pray that your child should not be victims of any such activities but when you observe your child changed suspicious and behaviors pattern then it is warning of a family un-rest. Here theory of PRECAUTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

Our bureau has witnessed the ratio of 40 cases last year between 2010-2011 with many such children involved in such activities , and parents taken the corrective actions to reform them after our investigations


We conduct discreet investigations on the activities of such children, and suggest the best mode of counselling to such parents for corrective action


We advise our clients to rely on legal advice for success and well being of their organization. Success of any progressing organization requires active legal suggestions and advice.


It has lately been observed that after invasion of technology in IT SECTOR and revolution in mobile phone sector has brought heap of advantages but same time this technology and revolution has become curse in hands to teenage children


Some teenage children are accustomed and addicted to log in such social networking sites and some unfortunate children may become acquainted with people, facts and materials during such surfing’s that their whole ambition of life is changed.

Parents are advised to beware of such trends and shall initiate corrective steps and save your child and family.


It was mostly found that many parents are shy or afraid to conduct enquiries on such children due to emotional attachment and believe or fearing children back lash.

But is for the parents to understand that the child of teenage is an immature mind and it is duty of parents to know about their children activities , failing to act on proper lines, such parents will land in perilous situations were such children un-controlled becomes victims of Crime, anti-social activities ,drug abuse, smoking, and even prostitution, betting and gambling.

It will be a point of NO RETURN from such situations. The effect of this social networking sites and wrong company of friends will take them to this adventure of illegal activities. It was found during our investigation that most of the children are involved in betting, theft, and anti-social activities and involvement in emotional affairs girls/boys. The parents who had conducted investigations have taken all such correctives steps and as per our knowledge they have counselled their children after being caught and these children stands reformed.

The trend of such investigations running on positive suspicion as evaluated by our bureau in course of our investigations found genuine.

  • 2006-2007:98%
  • 2007- 2008:91%
  • 2008-2009:82%
  • 2009-2010: 98%
  • 2010-2011:95%
  • 2011-2011(july):82%


The main concept of all such information will be highly confidential and discreet , it will be a guarantee that our bureau will take all pre-cautions to conduct these enquires discreetly and name of our Client/informant /source shall be confidential and no-were will become part of our investigation report.


  1. SURVEILLANCE of such children
  2. Installation of Mobile Tapping Software’s
  3. This are the best modes of investigation


Our bureau was approached by a parents calling for information on their teenage child.

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