Cyber Crime Investigation

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Cyber Crime Investigation

We undertake to track all such cyber criminals sending anonymous mails and indulge in harming the interest of clients illegally.


We conduct all such verifications of on-line lottery offers and warn the genuinity of such proposal and offers.
Our bureau is associated with ETHICAL HACKERS to provide the expert advice to our clients pertaining to CYBER CRIME.


Our bureau conducted these services for various individuals and companies.
The part of such investigation conducted was for our client.
In course of investigation client has provided our bureau with various leads on mails received by them.
On examination it was found that all the mails originated from local area, with available leads and clues it was ascertained that said person sending mails was client relative.
Basing on our report outcome our client confronted the suspects later abandoned the further investigation as it involves his personal interest and family with thankful message for successfully tracking their investigation.
Our bureau happened to received almost 10 to 12 recovery investigations on Hard disk and mobile phones every month.
At least 5 to 7 investigations per year for concerning lottery and other offers issued on line.


Please maintained all the records of your anonymous mails for proceedings for cyber investigations
Our bureau will only provide the solutions after investigations, after our report you had open option to file criminal complaint, for which our legal panel will help you.


  1. Letter or mail for investigation
  2. Physical possession of Hard disk /Mobile Phone/Memory Card/Sim card.
  3. Payment of Professional Charges

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