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Case Studies



Struggling through the process of divorce and future custody issues of her children, a distressed mother contacted Third-Eye Investigations for some assistance. In an act of retaliation for the separation, her husband threatened to shift their children to another country and have a new beginning. The mother of two got panicked as the father was officially scheduled to have the children for the weekend.

After brainstorming several ways, Third-Eye Investigations determined that close-monitoring would be the best course of action and two surveillance experts are appointed to track the father for the next 48 hours. They were also strictly instructed to capture photo and video documentation.

Initiating from his workplace, the surveillance members kept a close visual contact as the father left the office to pick up his kids (official visitation ordered by the court). The qualified investigators were able to record & document each move of the father as he left the house with his children and closely spied him to various locations like the super market, restaurant, video store, etc.

The surveillance members’ trained ability to rotate positions of visual contact with the concerned individual has come in handy and they were in constant communication with Third-Eye Investigations base operations. In any instance, if the father gave any indication of leaving the country, our investigation team was on toes to deploy a backup team and immediately communicate with the law enforcement agency and client. The photo and video documentation could serve as a solid proof to the client if the father attempts to leave the country. This type of live-monitoring would often help & support the police and legal entities with powerful evidence.

At the end of all, our investigation agency submitted multiple surveillance updates on all happenings over the weekend to the client (woman). The case manager was diligent in maintaining constant communication with his investigative team and closely monitoring the father’s movements.


As a result of all the hard work and dedication of Third-Eye investigative team with constant conjunction with our base operation, staff and the concerned mother, her worries and fear of losing her two kids have diminished with utmost satisfaction. This whole procedure has advised her to go with the court order and cut-off the chances of having a more-adverse scenario. It brought the much-needed peace in her life.


Amidst a heated divorce and an ongoing custody battle, the family court ordered the husband to pay a mentioned amount of money for his child’s support to the wife. However, the male partner mentioned his earning inability to the court and stated he doesn’t have the necessary financial means to comply with such order.


Issues related to divorce and child custody are very sensitive which have to be handled with utmost caution and need to be approached with kids very smoothly. It is crucial that all emotions remain neutral and objective when determining the causes for concern.

Amidst a heated divorce and an ongoing custody battle, the family court ordered the husband to pay a mentioned amount of money for their child support to his wife. However, the male partner mentioned his earning inability to the court and stated that he doesn’t have the necessary financial means to comply with such order.

This made the wife get suspicious on her husband as during their marriage and days after that, he worked elsewhere and his father also owned a health food-store inside a big fitness gym. So, she (client) desired for evidence that would prove her husband was either able to work or was already working in the gym.

As the lady approached Third-Eye Investigations with her necessity, we deployed a recon investigation team to visit the concerned father’s fitness gym and observe the male-partner’s presence. The investigative member stepped into the gym donning his workout clothes and walked towards the treadmill that was in plain sight of the store. After jogging for 50 minutes in the view spot, he spotted the related male-partner. The investigator then rushed through the health food-store and immediately started video-tapping the entire scenario with his covert camera watch, which eventually documented the concerned husband working at the food-store.


After thanking Third-Eye Investigations for its tenacious investigation, the female client presented the necessary video evidence to the court and proved that her estranged male-partner was not only fit-to-work, but was also working at his father’s health-store. This made the court come to a conclusion that the husband can fully afford the financial needs of his child and ordered him to hand-over the mentioned amount to his wife.



In the private-investigation field, most of our cases deal with couples that are divorcing or thinking of separation. Whether it’s an act of surveillance or hidden asset search, Third-Eye Investigations proved to be an invaluable part of every client. Especially, spouses search & use our services to know the truth about their partners.

Due to varied reasons, a woman decided to divorce her husband and wanted to enquire about what type of financial compensation she’s entitled to. During the procedure, the husband claimed to her and the court that he doesn’t have any money left with him. The wife knew he was lying as she thought how the savings over the years could get disappeared into thin air. She wanted to find where her husband was hiding all his money.

After approaching Third-Eye Investigations, the wife (client) spoke lengthy to our case analyst who eventually suggested that conducting ‘hidden asset investigation’ is the easiest and effective way to know whether the individual was hiding money or not. This investigation basically includes search on assets, vehicles, shares, fixed deposits, shares, gold, cash, etc. All conducted inquiries are only to discover the current assets that the individual has been possessing.

During the hidden asset investigation, a comprehensive bank search revealed that the husband owned few undisclosed accounts with substantial cash. In the nation-wide search to spot his bonds or stocks, it’s been revealed that the male-partner had considerable amount of money invested in mutual funds. This evidence would almost be the winning point for the client in this hidden-assets case.


The entire information and documentation collected during the ‘hidden-asset investigation’ was given to the client and her lawyer. When the lawyer submitted all the evidence in court, the judge came to a conclusion that the husband’s information is false and ruled in favour of giving 50% of assets that Third-Eye Investigations uncovered to his wife.


Everything grows big instantly in social media; both good and bad. Social networking websites have gradually turned into breeding platforms for infidelity and this unfortunate scenario has created confusion among the concerned wife or husband whether & when to suspect their beloved partner’s Facebook activity or Internet browsing. This has made them opt for Third-Eye to investigate what’s going on.


We’ve recently solved a cheating case based in social media; where a wife suspected her beloved husband on cheating online by interacting with anonymous women on Facebook and setting dates. She (client) also suspected that her husband has been maintaining several extra-marital relationships through this biggest social-networking site, but didn’t confront about it as she felt uneasy and uncomfortable. The lady doesn’t even know his Facebook’s password to track the ongoing activity in his account.

After contacting our investigative agency in need of help, we’ve decided to first determine whether the husband was actually cheating or not. This is possible only by investigating his activity on Facebook and catch him with proof in the cheating act. After gathering information on the husband’s likes and dislikes, our investigative team designed an action plan specifically tailored to the desires of the concerned male-partner.

Our members got in access with the male-partner through Facebook by utilizing an online cheating lure. Posing as a woman on the website, we tried to approach him in an intelligent way. He fell for the bait immediately, and within a couple of hours, he began to send personal messages, initiating with some adultery stuff. Without realizing the trap, he went on with his intimate conversation to a greater extent and everything was recorded in the background. The romantic date was fixed and explicit details about what he’ll do on their interaction were also shared by him. The entire chat left no doubt about the sexual intentions of the husband.

When asked about his marital status during the online chat, the husband stated that he was married but separated, and was not in speaking terms with his wife.


The entire information gathered in this investigation process, including all the chatting stuff used in Facebook, was recorded and presented to the client (wife) in a timely and accountable manner. Along with evidences, the client took our report to move forward with divorce proceedings in the family court.


Due to his wife’s peculiar behavior at home, a husband began to suspect her from all corners. When he expressed his concern to her, she forcefully rubbed it off.


Due to his wife’s suspicious & peculiar behavior at home, a concerned husband began to suspect her on having an extra-marital affair. When questioned, she vehemently denied on having an affair, but in a suspicious tone. Without thinking twice, the husband solicited our services. While intercepting his wife’s emails and text messages secretly, he found that she was interacting with a certain man and her messages were filled with pledging love to one another.

Citing business meeting as a reason, the wife told her husband that she would be travelling to another city for a couple of days. The male-partner instantly came to a conclusion that the city she was travelling was where her alleged boyfriend resides. But, he needs visual proof to move forward with any legal proceedings.

While consulting our case analyst, the husband expressed all fears on his wife and told that he would file for a divorce and attain sole custody of their two children. Taking inputs from the client, our investigative members decided that keeping close surveillance on the woman would be the best way to validate the fears of the husband. As the woman constantly denied on having an affair, she won’t be honest in court without any authentic proof.

With guidance from our case manager, the client (husband) provided us the flight’s information, including airline, airport, time, date, etc. The plan was to deploy a team of investigators positioned at the arrival city airport and document her movements, if she meets her lover. As expected, after the flight landed, the woman was cordially greeted by her alleged lover in the airport and they hugged, embraced each other. As they continued to walk closely to the parking area, our team continued to snap & record their public displays of affection.


Although his fears eventually turned out to be utterly true with his wife being unfaithful to him, the client (husband) wholeheartedly thanked Third-Eye Investigations for the tenacious and precise action. With all the documented evidence and truth, he was able to make a wise decision that was better for him & his children.


It’s highly advisable not to let any email harassment infringe upon you. If by chance, you are victimized by email threats and harassment, immediately contact Third Eye Investigations to get yourself out of this online scrap.


Despite social media revolution, electronic mail (email) is still one among the heavily used mediums in the current scenario. Most working professionals & businessmen averagely send or receive in excess of 50 mails per day and this is quite essential for getting the work done. When an email account gets hacked, spammed or used as a means of harassing or threating by an anonymous source, it can become quite disruptive to both, business and personal life in general.Private Investigators like us often handle these kinds of email cases and help our clients to reclaim their email by identifying the source of the entire problem.

Third Eye Investigations recently solved this type of case, where a man has received constant threats and harassments through his email account. The concerned client highly depended on email for business activities like filling orders and sending invoices. These fraud mails disrupted his ability to run the business, so he contacted our investigation agency to locate the black sheep who was sending these emails and abolish any future harassment.

Our first priority was to investigate the content in the threatening mails and identify the sender. All mails have been sent from a single Yahoo Mail account and our investigative team took the client through the simple process of grabbing the email header over the phone. The header contains electronic data about the sender, their IP address, email route and the receiver. Though the client had limited computer skills, we assisted him and successfully pulled the email header in a short time.

Once the header was out, we tracked and identified the originating IP address; which led our investigators to a physical address in a different town. All relevant information gathered during the entire investigation process was handed over to the client in a timely and accountable manner.


Carrying the entire documented information, the client immediately sent a demand letter to the mailing address attached to the target IP address. The letter summarised that the client would press charges and file a restraining order if the emails do not stop. Within a short time, the client stopped receiving any harassing or threatening mails and he was mighty thankful to Third Eye Investigations.

We also deal with a comprehensive range of online cases like:

1. Threats, harassments or blackmail through any communication platform like email, blog or any social networking portal
2. Internet related espionage, sabotage or GPS tracking
3. Online libel and slander cases